New CBBC Games

New CBBC Games

All the latest new cbbc games are listed below.Find your favourite game to click and you will be redirected to your chosen game.

Barkmania game image. Barkmania Pup-Graded Quick play

Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps.Championsheeps CBBC – BBC Quick play

Sam,Mark,cheeky Chinese whispers Copycats Disasteroids – CBBC

Danger Mouse, Penfold, money planet Midas 7. Danger Mouse CBBC Quick play

 Shari and her friends' face Dixi 1 CBBC

Dixi unicorn mini quiz Dixi2 Unicorn-Quiz Quick play

Wolfblood jigsaws puzzles. Wolfblood Jigsaw Quick play

curse on Mimi. Dixi Unchained

Blue Peter - Dino Jumping high. Dino JumpCBBC

KT on finale exclusive in eve comics. Eve Comic CBBC Quick play

Mixing the pots and paint the colour. Colour Factory Game CBBC Quick play

Storm, Splatapult, Splatasport, Defender, Spladder. Splatasport-2-Game CBBC Quick play

dog vs dog battle. Barkmania Battle CBBC Quick play

choose and match the Cards. Arthur Pairs Pairs Quick play

Transformation into wolf. Wolfblood Wolfwarp CBBC Quick play

 ?The Doctor and the Dalek. The Doctor and the Dalek CBBC – BBC Quick play

Charlotte Tilbury, Jo Malone, Bare Minerals CBBC Advent Calendar 2016

deadly creatures in Madagascar Deadly Planet Mission Madagascar – CBBC – BBC Quick play

nine flag Jigsaw. Top Class – Jigsaw Can you piece together these places Quick play

Jana, Matei, Emilia. Wolfblood – Comic Hunter’s Moon

Mazes competition . Splatalot Extreme Quick play

Steve Deadly Defenders. Deadly Defenders Quick play

Help Barney to win jet boat world chamionship. Jet Boat Barney CBBC Quick play

Marvel's first MMO. Hero Squad Rapid Response Quick play

Clean up your face to create mayhem Mash Up Mayhem CBBC Quick play

Wolfblood Alpha. Comic: Wolfblood Alpha The Test – CBBC Quick play

AMG Driving Academy. Driving Academy CBBC

Puzzle Peril Magic and Science skills. Puzzle Peril CBBC Quick play

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse Ultimate-er – CBBC Quick play

Use splatapult to beat the defenders. Splatapult 2 CBBC

danger mouse jigsaw. Jigsaw Danger Mouse Quick play

the Hank Zipzer doodlebugs decoration. Hank Ziper Doodlebugs Quick play

Ben, Alison and Charlie tackling the breakfast. All At Breakfast Quick play


Music video maker game. Music VideoMaker Quick play

 Bottersnikes and Gumbles jigsaws. Jigsaw Bottersnikes and gumbles

Wizards vs Aliens Facewarp. Facewrap – Wizards vs Aliens

Protect the Splatalot crown. Splatalot Kingdom Defence Quick play

John and Edward Grimes Jedward’s Big Adventure Game

face with Dodge's Hacker or Hacker. CBBC Office Facewrap

 Blue Peter stories creator Blue Peter Storyteller Quick play

Airmageddon: Flight Patrol. Airmageddon Fight Patrol

shaun-the-sheep-jigsaw. Jigsaw Shaun The Sheep Quick play

athlete swim, run and cycle Athletes vs Monsters Quick play

Steve Backshall's survival from mountain Lions and Polar bear Deadly Dash 2 Game

Join Mr Kandinsky's Strange Hill High Doodlebugs Strange Hill High Doodlebugs

Help Nev's to defend attack from jam pies. Nev’s Jam Buster Quick play

Use poster maker to create memes. Friday Download Poster Maker Quick play

Dennis and Gnasher Doodlebugs. Dennis And Gnasher Doodlebugs Quick play

Think you can stare down Young Dracula? Staring Contest Young Dracula

April Fool's Day Quiz. Every April Fool's Day the ritual is the same. April Fool’s Day Quiz Quick play

Give yourself a weird and wonderful Strange Hill High make over! Strange Hill High Dress up Game

Be a Wolfblood and run wild in CBBC's 3D game Wolfblood Shadow Runners NEW this month Quick play

Dragons - Defenders of Berk - Fireball Frenzy. Hit the targets with fireballs. Dragons – Defenders Of Berk – Fireball Frenzy Quick play

Do you know your didgeridoo from your didgeri-don't? Your stylophone from your styloph-oh-no? In honour of BBC Music Day, have a listen and try to figure out .. Quiz – Do you know these unusual instruments?

Get ready to doodle with Little Roy and watch your drawings come to life. Little Roy – Wonder Doodler

Strange Hill High - Merchant of Menace. Check out this 3D Strange Hill High adventure game! Strange High Hill Game Quick play

Welcome to Geo's Gym, Blue Peter's Sport Relief game! Fun Ron is on the running treadmill and needs YOUR help to collect as many sponsorship coins as .. Blue Peter – Geo’s Gym

Wolfblood - Comic: New Moon Rising. We've listened to your comments and are pleased to announce that the final chapter 'Freedom' is now live! How will ... Wolfblood New Moon Rising Quick play

Test your knowledge of the book of dragons in this epic card battler game. Dragons Card Battler

It's big! It's back! It's better than ever! Try capturing the crown in these shiny new levels of this splatastic game! Capture The Crown 2

Your animal patients need you, Junior Vet! Junior Vets On Call Quick play

All At Sea Postcard Maker! All At Sea Postcard Maker Quick play

Race round Tokyo with Danger Mouse, burn rubber with Blue Peter, or ride All Star Racing 2

Bottersnikes! Bottersnikes and Gumbles: Gumle Gun Quick play

Wizards and Aliens Wizards vs Aliens Card Battler Quick play

Ginger and the boys Secret Life Of Boy 2: Episodes 1 – 5 Quick play

Join Dan, Aneisha, Tom and Zoe M.I. High Spy Skills Quick play

Dick or Dom Absolute Genius Card Battler Quick play

Ginger and the boys Secret Life of Boys 2: Episodes 6 – 10 Quick play

Dixi mystery Dixi:3 – Game of Dixi Quick play

Child Make It: Technobabble game maker

awesome women Horrible Histories: Awesome Women Quick play

Hacker's Nosey Adventure Game! Hacker’s Nosey Adventure Game Quick play

The Dog Hand in Your Homework

Operation Ouch! - The snot game Operation Ouch Snot Apocalypse

Enid and the other witches The Worst Witch: Magic Adventure Quick play

Family and Childrens Rocket’s Island – Treasure Map Maker Quick play

Felix, Jake, Sam and Andy Nowhere Boys – The 5th Boy

Sadie and her friends Sadie J Dress Up Quick play

collectibles, avoid obstacles All Over The Place: Europe

Tom and Benny Wizards vs Aliens – The Eye of Bashtarr Quick play

The Dumping Ground: You're the Boss The Dumping Ground: You’re the Boss

Make friends and collect stars The Dumping Ground: On A Mission Quick play

Tom Clarke Wizards vs Aliens – Magic Mayhem Quick play

Karate Konk, dive with Snortel and there's even more. Nose Need to Panic

Help! My Secret Trick Is Magic Help! My Secret Trick Is Magic Quick play