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Blue Peter Storyteller is a game developed by BBC Studios in partnership with the popular children’s television program Blue Peter. The game is designed for children aged 7-11 and aims to encourage creativity and imagination through interactive storytelling.

Players take on the role of a new recruit to the Blue Peter team and must complete various challenges to earn their Blue Peter badge. These challenges include creating and telling their own stories, designing characters, and developing story plots.

The game features a wide range of interactive elements such as drag-and-drop characters, backgrounds, and props, as well as a variety of text and sound effects to help bring the player’s stories to life. The game also includes a built-in story editor, which allows players to edit and refine their stories before sharing them with others.

One of the key features of Blue Peter Storyteller is the ability for players to share their stories with others. Players can submit their stories to the Blue Peter website, where they can be read and voted on by other users. The best stories are then featured on the Blue Peter website and on the Blue Peter television show.

In addition to encouraging creativity and imagination, Blue Peter Storyteller also aims to develop literacy skills. The game is designed to help children improve their writing and storytelling abilities, as well as their understanding of narrative structure.

Overall, Blue Peter Storyteller is a fun and engaging game that encourages children to use their creativity and imagination. The game’s interactive elements and built-in story editor make it easy for children to create and share their own stories, while the emphasis on literacy skills helps to develop important skills that will be useful in the future.

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