CBBC Games

CBBC Games

Almost all cbbc games are listed here.Choose one of them and click to play, you will be redirected to the source of that game.

Storm game image. Storm Splatalot Quick play

Aethelwynne about to jump a chasm with a dragon breathing fire behind him.Swords of the Ancients Pixelface Quick play

Tracy Beaker, Raven, Oucho, Basil Brush and Shaun the Sheep. Tag Team CBBC

A sponge hitting the head of a running boy. Target Zone CBBC Quick play

Rattus Rattus' face Terrible Treasures Horrible Histories

Cartoon characters sat around a pool of gunge. Think Tank Cartoon Works

Horrible Histories Time Sewer Adventures Time Sewer Adventures Horrible Histories Quick play

Paul and Barry Chuckle climbing ropes. To Me to Zoo Chucklevision Quick play

Four Trapped children. Trapped! Escape the Tower Trapped

Four purple monsters tied to ropes. Tronji Game

Helen Skelton running along a platform to a turkish delight. Turkish Bizarre Blue Peter Quick play

A cat and snake in hospital beds. The cat thinking of a water bottle. Vet Set Go CBBC Quick play

Viking Explorer game. Viking Explorer Horrible Histories Quick play

Two boys in a room. Walkie Talkie CBBC Quick play

A warrior standing on a log floating down the river with a shield on the riverbank. Way Of The Warrior Raven Quick play

A pig throwing a welly. Welly Wanger Shaun the Sheep Quick play

Shaun bouncing on a mattress. Woolly Jumper Shaun the Sheep Quick play

A wordsearch. Wordsearch Newsround Quick play

Zodiac wheel Zodiac Zap The Sarah Jane Adventures

Sarah Jane Academy logo The Academy The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play width= Adventure Rock Adventure Rock

The heads of Sarah Jane monsters in a grid. Alien Alliance The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick playA sheep with a green beam across its face. Alien Athletics Shaun the Sheep

A lion slider puzzle. Animal Puzzles Deadly 60

A guinea pig in water in a rubber ring, with another guinea pig floating above in a bubble. Aquapigs Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

An arrow stuck into an archery target board. Archery Sports Village Quick play

Shaun hitting a golf ball with a club. Baahmy Golf Shaun the Sheep Quick play

Bandit chasing Nev around a maze. Bandit Bites Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

Dog on a skateboard Barkmania Who Let The Dogs Out? Quick play

Nev hiding in a shower from a flying sponge. Bath the Bear Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

Tracy Beaker with a choice of alternative face parts. Beakeriser Tracy Beaker

Five Nevs dressed in themed costumes inside pods. Bear Pairs Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

Three musical notes Beat Busters CBBC Music Quick play

The boss and a mountain bike. Beat the Boss Beat the Boss

A man wearing a hazard suit and a rubber ring, standing on a bridge over a pool of gunge. Boss’ Lobby Cartoon Works Quick play

A ball breaking bricks with Sarah Jane behind. Breakout The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play

Canary Escape game. Canary Escape Horrible Histories Quick play

Capture the Crown game. Capture the Crown Splatalot Quick play


Shaun catching a chick in his glowing spoon. Chick ‘n’ Spoon Shaun the Sheep

Man aiming a cannon on wheels at partially coloured cartoon pictures. Colour Cannon Cartoon Works

Jars of coloured paints and a paint mixing machine. Colour Factory CBBC Quick play

Clyde firing a detention force bubble Comic: Defending Bannerman Road The Sarah Jane Adventures

Rani running away from the Krulius. Comic: Return of the Krulius The Sarah Jane Adventures

Crack a Joke game Crack a Joke CBBC Jokes Quick play

Two matching frames of Shaun the Sheep. Cutting Room Cartoon Works

Steve Backshall running from a swarm of bees. Deadly Dash Live ‘n’ Deadly Quick play

Steve Backshall in Deadly Dash 2 hang-gliding and avoiding a bird of prey Deadly Dash 2 Deadly 60 Quick play

Steve Backshall and a giraffe from Deadly Planet game Deadly Planet Deadly 60

Steve Backshall in Deadly Scramble game Deadly Scramble Live ‘n’ Deadly

Defender game image. Defender Splatalot Quick play

A glowing ball flying towards a Bane. Defending Bannerman Road The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play

Grab Dick and Dom, pull them back and let rip! Dick and Dom Let Rip! Dick and Dom’s Funny Business Quick play

A man diving off a diving board. Diving Championships Sports Village

Nev, Steve Backshall and a rhinoceros waiting to be served by Hacker in the canteen. Dog’s Dinner CBBC Quick play

Sapphire and a jug of orange juice. Don’t Just Stand There! Tracy Beaker

Driving Academy car on track Driving Academy Driving Academy NEW this month Quick play

Nev in a bubble bath hugging a rubber duck. Ducky Bounce Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

A scorpion shaped island. Escape from Scorpion Island Escape from Scorpion Island

A sheep wearing a red leotard falling into a pile of other sheep, some wearing matching colours Flock Together

Stefan and a polar bear. Gastronuts Gastronuts Quick play

A Georgian, a Viking and an Egyptian posing. Get The Look Horrible Histories

Gong Farmer game Gong Farmer Horrible Histories Quick play

A labelled box on a conveyor belt next to a label sticking mechanical arm. Goods Out Cartoon Works

Kiki Nova dancing. Groove Academy 2 Pixelface

Nev covered in gum. Gumball Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

Sam surrounded by many Marks. Gunge Glove Copycats Quick play

Queen Elizabeth I looking serious. Horrible Hero Horrible Histories

Two hurdlers racing. Hurdles – 400m Sports Village Quick play

A red and blue husky racing teams racing. Husky Racers CBBC Quick play

A fighter plane shooting at an army of Robots. Interstella Z-Wingers The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play

Croc chasing a boy who is about to jump over a pipe. Jump to It Adventure Rock Quick play

Kaagh hiding from a Sonic Lipstick target in the forest Kaagh Quest The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play

A football mid-air and a star. Keepy Uppy Blue Peter

Alexia jumping through the air towards a rope. Legend Hunter Pixelface Quick play

A man using a cricket bat to bat away a tennis ball. Line of Defence CBBC Quick play

Litter hitter hammer hitting a can. Litter Hitter Newsround Quick play

Rose Gupta. M.I. High game M.I. High

Joseph Frost being chased by a baddy. Magic Mansion CBBC Quick play

Thumb Wrestling mask with colour palette. Mask Maker Thumb Wrestling Federation Quick play

The MI High Janitor MI High retro missions M.I. High

Three scared Micros. Microlife Blue Peter

Mission Unblockable image Mission Unblockable Horrible Histories Quick play

Caleb and a puzzle. Mission: 2110 Mission:2110

Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani standing in front of some newly created Aliens Monster Maker The Sarah Jane Adventures

Three Sarah Jane monsters. Monster Morpher The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play

Moo Spew game. Moo Spew Horrible Histories Quick play

Brenda in the forest. Muddle Earth Muddle Earth

Aretha, Hadley, Toyah and Isaac playing in the band. My Almost Famous Family My Almost Famous Family

Helicopter on a map. Nervy Navigator Newsround Quick play

Nev facing a man in a suit. Nev It Up Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

Nev pulling a lever next to a cannon. Nev’s Jam Buster Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

A balloon falling from the sky above a crowd of children. Odd Bob’s Balloon Blaster The Sarah Jane Adventures Quick play

A pig wearing green star-shaped sunglasses. Pigarazzi My Almost Famous Family Quick play

A man watching a poacher with an elephant tusk. Poacher Patrol Newsround Quick play

Green ooze flowing through pipes in the Cartoon Works factory. Printing Press Cartoon Works

Two Pudsey's in costumes inside portholes. Pudsey Pairs CBBC

Hacker singing Pup Stars CBBC Music

A dog on a lead. Pup World Blue Peter Quick play

A magnifying glass held over a cartoon picture on a conveyor belt. Quality Control

Help Princes Dick and Dom win ingredients for their potion Questalot! The Legend of Dick and Dom Quick play
Nev laughing at a pencil drawing a face. Quick on the Draw Bear Behaving Badly Quick play
Nev wearing sunglasses with a mic by his mouth. Rap It Up Bear Behaving Badly Quick play

Richard Hammond on a TV screen. Rat Lab Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

Agatha in front of a game menu. Relic: Guardians of the Museum Relic: Guardians of the Museum

Rex Dynamo being followed by a green zombie. Return to Zombie City Pixelface Quick play

Rex Dynamo jumping towards a radioactive apple. Rex Dynamo Pixelface Quick play

Giraffes, monkeys and a snake in the desert. ROAR ROAR

Mordecai the Apothecary. The Roman Mysteries Game Roman Mysteries

Rootin' Tootin' Roundup game. Rootin’ Tootin’ Roundup Horrible Histories Quick play
Two thumb wrestlers facing each other. Royal Thumble Thumb Wrestling Federation Quick play
A boy running. Run! CBBC Quick play

A scared girl and boy on a mine train. The Runaway Ghost Train CBBC Quick play

A scuba diver diving to a treasure chest. Scuba Scramble CBBC

Torn parchment. Secret Temple Raven

Sgt. Riley reaches for a flag. Sentient Force Pixelface Quick play

Two bleating sheep. Shaun’s Bleat Box Shaun the Sheep

Three sheep stacked on top of each other. Sheep Stack Shaun the Sheep

sink the ship graphic Sink the Ship Horrible Histories Quick play

Skid the squirrel. Skid The Scrambling Squirrel Dick and Dom Go Wild Quick play

Sky Flyer Snow Way Out CBBC Quick play

Man playing an organ. Sound Machine Cartoon Works

The Sound Smash mixing desk. Sound Smash Copycats

Spladder game image. Spladder Splatalot Quick play

A boy with egg on his face. Splat Attack CBBC

Splatapult game image. Splatapult Splatalot Quick play

Splatasport game image. Splatasport Splatalot Quick play

Iain Stirling, staring Staring Contest: Iain & Hacker CBBC NEW this month

Tracy Beaker staring Staring Contest: Tracy Beaker Tracy Beaker NEW this month

Young Dracula with scary eyes Staring Contest: Young Dracula Young Dracula NEW this month
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Brief Information About CBBC Games

CBBC games are a free games portal of www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/games . Kids from all around the world play, share and create games from developer tools (game Builder) available on this site. More than 7 years of aged children can use this tool easily. Lots of games are very Popular online, Storm Splatalot , Swords of the Ancients Pixelface , Terrible Treasures , Deadly Dash 2 , Shaun’s Bleat Box Shaun the Sheep , Tracy beaker are one of the few Cbbc games which are mostly played by kids.
The CBBC website also gives a children of aged 6–12 a wide range of activities, such as puzzles, videos, print and makes and message boards. It also gives children the chance to view the CBBC iPlayer to replay CBBC programmes for up to 29 days.

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