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The Numtums, the flying moles of mischief, have become a hit with children on the popular CBeebies channel. The Numtums games on CBeebies have captured the hearts of children with their mischievous antics and adorable appearance.

The Numtums are a group of flying moles who live in the land of Numtopia. They are always up to something, whether it’s playing pranks on each other or creating chaos in the world. Despite their mischief, the Numtums are always there for each other and have a strong sense of friendship.

The Numtums games on CBeebies are designed for young children and are both educational and entertaining. They teach children about numbers, shapes, and colors in a fun and interactive way. The games are also designed to help children develop their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

One of the most popular Numtums games is the Numtums Numbers game. In this game, children help the Numtums count and match numbers. They do this by moving the Numtums around and arranging them in the correct order. The game is simple and easy for young children to understand, and it is also very entertaining.

Another popular Numtums game is the Numtums Shape game. In this game, children help the Numtums match different shapes. The game is designed to teach children about the different shapes and how they can be used in everyday life. The game is both educational and entertaining, and it is a great way for children to learn while having fun.

In addition to the games, the Numtums also have their own TV show on CBeebies. The show follows the adventures of the Numtums as they explore Numtopia and interact with other creatures. The show is both entertaining and educational, and it is a great way for children to learn about the world around them.

In conclusion, the Numtums are a beloved character on CBeebies, and their games are both educational and entertaining. The Numtums have captured the hearts of children with their mischievous antics and adorable appearance, and they continue to be a hit on the popular children’s channel.

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