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The Something Special show is a popular children’s program that has been airing on the BBC since 2005. The show, which is aimed at young children with special educational needs, is a unique and entertaining blend of music, storytelling, and educational lessons.

The show is hosted by Justin Fletcher, who is widely known as Mr. Tumble. Mr. Tumble is a loveable character with a big smile, bright yellow trousers, and a contagious giggle. He interacts with children and uses sign language, props, and costumes to help convey important lessons.

One of the key features of the Something Special show is its use of music. Mr. Tumble uses songs and dance to make learning fun and engaging for children. The show has an extensive library of original songs that cover a range of topics, including counting, colors, shapes, and emotions.

In addition to music, the Something Special show uses storytelling to help teach children important lessons. Mr. Tumble uses his adventures to show children how to deal with different situations, such as overcoming fears or solving problems. The show also includes fun and interactive skits that help children to understand and express their emotions.

The Something Special show is not just entertaining, it is also educational. The show covers important subjects such as communication, personal hygiene, and social skills. These subjects are taught in an engaging and accessible way, making them easier for children to understand and retain.

The show has been praised for its inclusive approach to children with special educational needs. Mr. Tumble uses sign language and visual aids to help children who are deaf, hard of hearing, or visually impaired to participate in the show. The show also features characters with disabilities, helping to promote a positive image of diversity and inclusiveness.

In conclusion, the Something Special show is a wonderful program that provides a unique and entertaining learning experience for children. The show’s use of music, storytelling, and educational lessons make it an important tool for children’s development and growth. Whether you’re a parent or a caregiver, the Something Special show is a great way to make learning fun and engaging for children with special educational needs.

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