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The Numtums is a popular children’s TV show on CBeebies that features a group of funny, colorful and adventurous creatures called Numtums. The main character of the show is Super Numtum, a brave and fearless hero who is always ready to save the Kingdom of Fluffy from danger.

The Kingdom of Fluffy is a magical land where the Numtums live and play. It is full of bright colors, amazing landscapes, and friendly creatures. The kingdom is also home to many challenges, obstacles and enemies that Super Numtum must face and overcome in order to keep the kingdom safe.

To help young children learn and develop their skills, CBeebies has created several fun games based on the Numtums. These games are designed to be educational and engaging, providing children with hours of entertainment and learning opportunities.

One of the most popular games is called “Super Numtum and the Kingdom of Fluffy Adventure”. In this game, children must help Super Numtum navigate through the kingdom, collecting coins, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies along the way. The game is full of exciting twists and turns, making it a fun and challenging experience for children.

Another popular game is called “Numtum Match”. In this game, children must match different Numtums to complete different levels. This game helps children develop their memory and matching skills, while also teaching them about different Numtum characters.

Finally, there is a “Numtum Puzzle” game, where children must help Super Numtum solve different puzzles by fitting the Numtums into the right spaces. This game is great for developing problem-solving and spatial awareness skills.

In conclusion, the Numtums – Super Numtum and the Kingdom of Fluffy games are a great way for young children to learn and have fun. The colorful and adventurous world of the Numtums provides children with endless hours of entertainment and educational opportunities, making it a must-play for all CBeebies fans.

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