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Operation Ouch! Clonewards, the popular BBC game based on the hit children’s TV show, has recently been updated with new features and challenges. Players take on the role of the Operation Ouch! doctors, performing surgeries and learning about the human body in a fun and interactive way.

The latest update brings a new level, the Clonewards, where players must navigate through a futuristic world and treat patients who have been cloned. The game challenges players to learn about the differences between clones and non-clones, and how to treat them accordingly.

The Clonewards level also includes new medical tools and equipment, such as the Clone Scanner, which allows players to identify clones and their unique medical needs. Additionally, players will encounter new and exciting medical conditions, such as the Clone Flu, which requires players to use their knowledge of the human immune system to successfully treat the patient.

The update also includes new achievements and rewards for players to unlock, such as new medical uniforms and equipment for their characters. This added feature encourages players to continue playing the game and exploring the different levels and challenges.

One of the best aspects of Operation Ouch! Clonewards is its ability to educate players about the human body and medical procedures in a fun and engaging way. The game’s creators have done an excellent job of making complex medical concepts accessible to children, while still providing a challenging and rewarding experience.

Overall, the Operation Ouch! Clonewards game update is a great addition to the game, providing players with new challenges and opportunities to learn about the human body and medicine. It is a must-play game for children who are interested in science and medicine, and is sure to keep them entertained and educated for hours on end.

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