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Wolfblood Comic Hunters Moon is a new game based on the popular BBC television series, Wolfblood. The game takes place in the world of the show, where a small percentage of the human population possess wolf-like abilities, known as “wolfbloods.” Players take on the role of a young wolfblood named Jana, who must navigate the challenges of living in a world where her kind is misunderstood and often feared.

The game is an action-adventure title that combines elements of stealth, combat, and exploration. Players must use Jana’s wolfblood abilities, such as heightened senses and enhanced strength, to navigate the world and complete missions. The game also features a branching narrative, where players’ choices affect the outcome of the story.

One of the most exciting features of Wolfblood: Comic Hunters Moon is the ability to transform into a wolf at will. Players can use this ability to move quickly and quietly through the environment, or to take down enemies in combat. The game also features a variety of different environments, including dense forests, bustling cities, and underground tunnels, each of which presents unique challenges for players to overcome.

The game also features an original story written by the show’s creator, Debbie Moon, with the involvement of the Wolfblood series’ cast. The story is an epic adventure that takes Jana on a journey to uncover the truth about her ancestors, and the history of the wolfbloods. Along the way, Jana will encounter a cast of memorable characters, including some familiar faces from the show.

Wolfblood: Comic Hunters Moon is set to release in late 2022 on all major gaming platforms. Fans of the show are sure to enjoy the new game’s exciting story, engaging gameplay, and immersive world. For those who are new to the world of Wolfblood, the game is an excellent introduction to the series and a great way to dive into the world of wolfbloods.

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